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Kick-off meeting, Brussels

Event Details

LION DC an ISFP-funded & 24-month project which started on December 10, 2018, coordinated by the MYKOLO ROMERIO UNIVERSITETAS, MRU, aims to provide Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with new skills, methodologies and tools in the fight against drug trafficking.

The successful Kick Off Meeting took place on January 14th and 15th, 2019 at Lithuanian Research Development and Innovation Liaison Office (Brussels), with over 15 attendees representing the LION DC consortium, eager to further develop existing technologies and provide LEAs with new skills and tools assisting their fight against online crimes and specifically, drug trafficking.

LION DC consortium extends over a wide EU geographic coverage including partners from Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Netherlands, Bulgaria & Romania.

Moreover, the project actively addresses priorities and focus areas, identified in Development of a renewed European Union Internal Security Strategy paragraph 2 “Strengthening a Comprehensive and coherent Approach”.

LION DC project is funded by the European Union and the ISF Police program under Grant Agreement no 822616, with a total budget of 836.860,38 €